Plot at the book store

Uh,I had to visit you..Mr.Book store

Or i’ll be dead steppin’ on a claymore

I know i’m high, i deserve way more

But all i get to do is lay low…. Son

This ain’t cool, I’m a kill you soon

Got my first book by noon

Wait..!! It says “Ella Bella”

I don’t wanna read anymore cinderella

I’m gonna do this acapella

Please be my sandwich’s nutella.. Or die as the virus salmonella

Mr.Book store, i’ m bored, became ruined because of you

Glad I’m stuck with the internet..

Wait..! I am not finished yet

I have a big fishing net

So get ready to feel the sweat

I’m going to be your midnight threat

Cause who knows? You might be next…

_Jasper Shabin


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