Big Bang

Dang… Entered the room with a Bang🌋..!

She loved the song i Sang🎵
Left the room like wolf’s Fang🐾

Picked up the phone, i Rang📞

Accepted my date, a beautiful Slang🌈

Left the warmth of my Gang🙍

For her every word, i Sprang🙌

Used up all money, now a Twang💸

Now, i was treated like an Orangutan🐒

Pushed the limits, i’m bout to Hang😵

Became viscous, now i’m Yang,😈

Get lost bitch, my friends are Swag👥

Enough of the freaking Gag:evil:

I’m leavin the lobby, be back in a Clang😎

………… Dedicated to all boys who were used as toys

_Jasper Shabin


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