Trick or Treat

Yeah..! Chec…chec…check it out..

MC JAZZ on the floor

Hello, it’s time, ‘Trick’ or ‘Treat’

Give me what i need, or you’re dead Meat

I will kill you real Neat

Look into my eyes, feel the Heat

Like Jon snow, i’ma Beat

I hate veggies, i don’t Eat

In my Lamborghini, i take a Seat

The driver one, not the one kids Bleat

Had a great ride, now i’m Deadbeat

I forgive you, you’d better get Sweet

Or i’ll strip you off, leave you an empty Sheet

I’ll take off with my own Fleet

Saw my dude there, waiting to Greet

Had a great time, loved the Skeet

Wished when we could once more Meet

And party on like Clubfeet

I’m an Athlete

I hit the finsh line, my Flatfeet

They call be Dopesheet

Even in the dark, the Browbeat

Made my haters feel like Buckwheat

I’m strong as Concrete

I’m leavin’ the lobby, i’m Complete…..

…………(dedicated to all my haters, go face defeat like drumbeat)

Thanks for reading. Hope it’s worth your time…

_Jasper Shabin


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