When Gospel meets Rap

I do believe in ‘Jesus’

He is the one sent to ‘Save us’

From heaven he ‘Sees us’

The struggles we face that ‘Squeeze us’

Envy and lust tries to ‘Sieze us’

Fear and terror that ‘Tease us’

He comes to our aid, ‘Frees us’

Showers his blessings to ‘Ease us’

We are his children, he ‘Needs us’

I’ll shout his gloriours name, till the echo reaches ‘Venus’

He is the saviour, his name is ‘Jesus..!’

…………….. For all those who feel dejected, lonely, displeased; know that there is a father in heaven waiting to help you. Feel free to share your sorrow___MC JAZZ

_Jasper Shabin


2 thoughts on “When Gospel meets Rap

  1. Dude, i really like the way you express things in your rap…. I am very eager to hear this, more than just read…. Please do surprise me and the other bloggers with posts as mesmerizing as this… You are new here, yet you rock

    Liked by 2 people

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