The Easter Rap

Behold..! Christ has risen from the ‘Dead’

Broke the ethics of death, in ‘Death’s head’

Three days was he, at the tomb’s ‘Bed’

People whipped him, he ‘Bled’

He also took a cactus on his ‘Head’

Fishers of men will i make you, he ‘Said’

The truth about holy spirit, he ‘Spread’

Across deserts and mountains, he ‘Tread’

Took shelter in a ‘Woodshed’

Had no technology then, no ‘Infrared’

No T.V, P.C or even a ‘Sofa bed’

Always had the urge to ‘Thrust ahead’

Broke all of devil’s plans, to pieces of ‘Shred’

His first miracle, juicy wine, which was ‘Deep red’

And then continued, his trick with ‘Bread’

Brought Lazarus back to life, a gentleman who was ‘Home fed’

Cured all types of illness, including the ‘Crackhead’

Thought the people were being ‘Mislead’

By the angry kings and the evil ‘Warhead’

Said the way to heaven for a rich man was slim as ‘Thread’

The wisdom of the Lord, he ‘Fed’

The news of christ spread far and wide, it was ‘Heard’

Kings and people grew jealous of his miracles, they wanted him ‘Dead’

He should’ve been praised, but was put to death ‘Instead’

Death itself was scared of him, the third day, he rose from the dead, like a king, a saviour, a good ‘Jewish head’
……………. Christ has risen from the dead. If you find this post really amusing, please do share and spread the word of God and let this post reach as many as possible

_Jasper Shabin


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