G…Giddy…G..G….Giddy…Giddy up!

I’m flying Solo, rappin with my Polo

Hotter than the Inferno

Boom..! Whatcha doing..?

You look lame, a rotten Pudding

Care to talk… Nah, youre Tapping

Look, again i’m Rapping.

You’re dumb crap’s on the Stage

I don’t mind to put’cha in a lonely damn Cage

Don’t look at me, you’re stirring up my Rage

Don’t start things with me… I’m a much bigger Age

Dude, you’re going to be framed… That’s Sabotage

Haha…. I’m now your Villian

I’m worse than my man Krillin

Me with my dudes, we’re Chillin

There’s a weight in my shoulders, keeps me Pullin

Oh..! What did i do?? I’ve opened the Pandora Box

I’m going to smell worse than my stinking Socks

Time’s running out, i hate them ticking Clocks

I hate wasting time for rReal, this crap’s Surreal… I’m getting tossed over the Block

God..! Please forgive me… My head’s next to a loaded Gun

I’m lost, aint no place to Run

I’m following you’re path Lord, i have just Begun

Thank you Lord for showing me, love, life could be Fun

…………… When rap meets freakin’ classical……!

_Jasper Shabin


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