When i’m Angry

Hey you, you there..!

Can’t you hear me

I know that was you that bumped me

I am pretty sure, cuz i can see

I’ll ram you up with my humvee

I ain’t some tree

I am the new ‘D’

You look like a bottle of empty whiskey

I’ll cut you up, i’m brisky

I’ll poke you, my arm’s itchy

You’re eyes are blue, it’s kinda misty

Wait a minute, guess that’s because my fists slammed your winky

I’m gonna warn you

My lyrics are lethal

You’re standin up to me, you can’t be my equal

There’s no equal to my sequel

You look like a trembling beetle

Man, my dude’s from Seattle

I ain’t illegal, but i’m fatal

I take cash in advance and blast off on retrieval

I’m raw as dirty needle,

Choke an eagle

I will leave you dead at the end of my sequel

_Jasper Shabin


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