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When i’m Angry

Hey you, you there..!

Can’t you hear me

I know that was you that bumped me

I am pretty sure, cuz i can see

I’ll ram you up with my humvee

I ain’t some tree

I am the new ‘D’

You look like a bottle of empty whiskey

I’ll cut you up, i’m brisky

I’ll poke you, my arm’s itchy

You’re eyes are blue, it’s kinda misty

Wait a minute, guess that’s because my fists slammed your winky

I’m gonna warn you

My lyrics are lethal

You’re standin up to me, you can’t be my equal

There’s no equal to my sequel

You look like a trembling beetle

Man, my dude’s from Seattle

I ain’t illegal, but i’m fatal

I take cash in advance and blast off on retrieval

I’m raw as dirty needle,

Choke an eagle

I will leave you dead at the end of my sequel

_Jasper Shabin

I’m back

Sorry people, i was a bit highly occupied with my life and was kinda busy and wasn’t able to post in this community for a very long time, say like five months. Man, that’s a lot of time i guess. Well now i’m back and i promise i’ll never let you guys down and post poetry in a way everybody likes. P.S. Love you people

_Jasper Shabin


G…Giddy…G..G….Giddy…Giddy up!

I’m flying Solo, rappin with my Polo

Hotter than the Inferno

Boom..! Whatcha doing..?

You look lame, a rotten Pudding

Care to talk… Nah, youre Tapping

Look, again i’m Rapping.

You’re dumb crap’s on the Stage

I don’t mind to put’cha in a lonely damn Cage

Don’t look at me, you’re stirring up my Rage

Don’t start things with me… I’m a much bigger Age

Dude, you’re going to be framed… That’s Sabotage

Haha…. I’m now your Villian

I’m worse than my man Krillin

Me with my dudes, we’re Chillin

There’s a weight in my shoulders, keeps me Pullin

Oh..! What did i do?? I’ve opened the Pandora Box

I’m going to smell worse than my stinking Socks

Time’s running out, i hate them ticking Clocks

I hate wasting time for rReal, this crap’s Surreal… I’m getting tossed over the Block

God..! Please forgive me… My head’s next to a loaded Gun

I’m lost, aint no place to Run

I’m following you’re path Lord, i have just Begun

Thank you Lord for showing me, love, life could be Fun

…………… When rap meets freakin’ classical……!

_Jasper Shabin

The Easter Rap

Behold..! Christ has risen from the ‘Dead’

Broke the ethics of death, in ‘Death’s head’

Three days was he, at the tomb’s ‘Bed’

People whipped him, he ‘Bled’

He also took a cactus on his ‘Head’

Fishers of men will i make you, he ‘Said’

The truth about holy spirit, he ‘Spread’

Across deserts and mountains, he ‘Tread’

Took shelter in a ‘Woodshed’

Had no technology then, no ‘Infrared’

No T.V, P.C or even a ‘Sofa bed’

Always had the urge to ‘Thrust ahead’

Broke all of devil’s plans, to pieces of ‘Shred’

His first miracle, juicy wine, which was ‘Deep red’

And then continued, his trick with ‘Bread’

Brought Lazarus back to life, a gentleman who was ‘Home fed’

Cured all types of illness, including the ‘Crackhead’

Thought the people were being ‘Mislead’

By the angry kings and the evil ‘Warhead’

Said the way to heaven for a rich man was slim as ‘Thread’

The wisdom of the Lord, he ‘Fed’

The news of christ spread far and wide, it was ‘Heard’

Kings and people grew jealous of his miracles, they wanted him ‘Dead’

He should’ve been praised, but was put to death ‘Instead’

Death itself was scared of him, the third day, he rose from the dead, like a king, a saviour, a good ‘Jewish head’
……………. Christ has risen from the dead. If you find this post really amusing, please do share and spread the word of God and let this post reach as many as possible

_Jasper Shabin

When Gospel meets Rap

I do believe in ‘Jesus’

He is the one sent to ‘Save us’

From heaven he ‘Sees us’

The struggles we face that ‘Squeeze us’

Envy and lust tries to ‘Sieze us’

Fear and terror that ‘Tease us’

He comes to our aid, ‘Frees us’

Showers his blessings to ‘Ease us’

We are his children, he ‘Needs us’

I’ll shout his gloriours name, till the echo reaches ‘Venus’

He is the saviour, his name is ‘Jesus..!’

…………….. For all those who feel dejected, lonely, displeased; know that there is a father in heaven waiting to help you. Feel free to share your sorrow___MC JAZZ

_Jasper Shabin

Trick or Treat

Yeah..! Chec…chec…check it out..

MC JAZZ on the floor

Hello, it’s time, ‘Trick’ or ‘Treat’

Give me what i need, or you’re dead Meat

I will kill you real Neat

Look into my eyes, feel the Heat

Like Jon snow, i’ma Beat

I hate veggies, i don’t Eat

In my Lamborghini, i take a Seat

The driver one, not the one kids Bleat

Had a great ride, now i’m Deadbeat

I forgive you, you’d better get Sweet

Or i’ll strip you off, leave you an empty Sheet

I’ll take off with my own Fleet

Saw my dude there, waiting to Greet

Had a great time, loved the Skeet

Wished when we could once more Meet

And party on like Clubfeet

I’m an Athlete

I hit the finsh line, my Flatfeet

They call be Dopesheet

Even in the dark, the Browbeat

Made my haters feel like Buckwheat

I’m strong as Concrete

I’m leavin’ the lobby, i’m Complete…..

…………(dedicated to all my haters, go face defeat like drumbeat)

Thanks for reading. Hope it’s worth your time…

_Jasper Shabin